Our Motto : ॥ :दुःसाध्यमपि सुसाध्यं करोत्युपायज्ञः ॥
About – Chaitan Lab



Although CCTL became active in year 2014. Its physical presence is of more than 2 decades. Earlier recognized as Amol Test Laboratories Ltd. providing service for almost a period of 2 decades  to above mentioned field as well as to Pharmaceutical industry and was FDA Maharashtra approved company a subsidiary company of Amol Drug Ltd & Metroni Drugs, founded by our Highly Revered & Respected Sir. Dr. Jayawant Damodar Kale (MSc. M.Tech, PhD (U.S.A), DIM, C.Chem, MRSC (UK) pioneer in Antipsychotic drugs & Metronidazole manufacturing. Initially He started this laboratory in year 1993, as In house testing facility for his regular and R&D studies and then developed it in to what was further recognized as an Independent Ltd Company acting as Third Party

Testing Service providers. The company was handed over in 2014 to Mr. Miraj Patil due to Dr. Kale sirs ill health from old age, and is currently run by Mr. Miraj Patil as Chaitan Chem Test Laboratories & Training Centre a proprietorship firm. Overall working and Administration is run under Mr. Miraj Patil (B. Com. .Accounts Mumbai University, Vocation course in Accounts & Auditing Chennai, Diploma in Export & Import Management, Diploma in Custom & Excise Management) and Quality Control & Assurance part is Headed by his wife Mrs. Shaifali Miraj Patil. (MSc. Chemistry Analytical, FDA-MH approved Chemist with experience of more than 13 years in Pharmaceutical(Q.C Manager Bulk API ,formulation  and Oncology units).

Our Acheivements

*It is our immense pleasure to introduce ourselves to You “ CHAITAN CHEM TEST LABORATORIES & TRAINING CENTRE (CCTL)” a Public Testing Laboratories providing analytical service (Chemical & Instrumentation) in the field of Qualitative & Quantitative analysis to a large range of industries varying from Bulk intermediates to textile , dyeing , paint industry, Steel Industries, polymers , resins, petroleum products, Fuel (solid &liquid), Oil & Fats, Fertilizers etc.

*An ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certified company CCTL follows strict vigilance in quality and accuracy of its reporting and services. With laboratory space of 1800 sq feet wall built spacious separated module for every laboratory section. With its strict adherence to discipline and timely action with online documentation needs and method up gradations, CCTL has carved a niche of a place in the minds of its customers a place of high regards. The Laboratory is geared up to march ahead in facilitating its customer with all the latest development which has taken place in current analytical trend.
* As CCTL is the only NSDC Affiliated training centre in Boisar Area. Providing Training in professional course for Quality Control & Quality Assurance it is a golden opportunity for fresher’s to jump start , as well as for working individual to upgrade their skill and spear ahead in their career. We would also like to have your valuable feedback and requirements of testing so that we can upgrade ourselves to current requirements and develop good, efficient and reliable service system.

We sincerely request you to visit our center to have first hand information on our facilities and services.


CCTL , is committed to keeping all information related to its customers completely confidential unless and otherwise mandated by law for disclosure to statutory authorities.No employee shall share or communicate any report or information related to any customer to any person/agency other than the authorized recipient of that information as recorded in Test Request Form or KYC Form of the customer. All employees of CCTL should maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to them in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. CCTL shall invest in appropriate systems and training to staff to ensure confidentiality.

Service Policy

CCTL follows FIFO Rule (First in First Out) with a preplanned schedule where it tries to provide maximum work output within minimum time possible without compromising its quality of work.A time frame of maximum 2 days depending on volume of work and testing criteria for regular work or in case of extended time frame customers are immediately intimated the same via phone or mail CCTL is best known for their prompt response and on time reporting where reports are communicated via mail, phone or whatsapp. In Maximum cases where Titration , IR, GC, KFR are required CCTL provides report on the date of sample receipt itself.


CCTL as a Professional Testing Laboratory commits itself to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.
CCTL is synonymous with Quality and Integrity and shall display the same in all its activities.
As a staff member, every employee of CCTL shall maintain professional conduct in the workplace and shall not allow personal feelings or beliefs to cause one to treat people customers, competitors or other stake holders unfairly or unprofessionally. Employees shall not accept any tangible or non tangible gifts or favors from any customer.

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Looking for a First-Class Scientific Partner?

Our Upcoming Projects

  • We do not claim that we are the best out there, truly a lot of giant names are already present and well established in this field, but we are trying our best to the same. The same has  been observed too. Our facility, Cost of Analysis & work quality says it all.
  • A unique workshop based training centre where rigorous on hand training with a well developed curriculum for skill inculcating/enhancing, Quality control in chemical analysis, instrument operation, calibration and troubleshoot handling is provided.
  • Introduction of Mobile Testing Lab Van PURPOSE: The Mobile Laboratory Van may move from location to location, with self sufficient laboratory equipments and facility for quick testing and analysis on field. The main reasons to use Mobile Van Laboratory are to enable Customer/farmers to ascertain the deficiency in Environment, soil and Products at their farm or onsite facility at door

An ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Compliant Laboratory.



  • Years of Experience in Analytical Service providing sector.
  • Machineries, Equipments, of Latest Make & Model, software and updated Technology from the Best Brand name in industry are available with us.
  • Trained Staff with required Qualification.
  • Documented Quality System.
  • IQ,OQ, PQ of all equipments available.
  • Scheduled Calibration of all machineries at specified frequencies.
  • Calibration Certificates of Equipments with traceability to National Standards
  • Online documentation along with keeping of protocols & Raw data.
  • Availability of vast range of reference books, IP,BP,EP,USP, I.S, ASTM, ACS, Encyclopedias etc.
  • Timely service with reasonable analysis charges.
  • All Chemicals used are from renowned brands such as Merck, S.D Fine, Rankem , Sigma etc..


  • cGLP(Current Good Laboratory Practice awareness and its incorporation in daily work.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Awareness.
  • Basic Subjective Training
  • Good Documentation Practice and its importance.
  • SOP for instrument handling and Their calibration, Validation.
  • EHS awareness.
  • Schedule L1 & Schedule M awareness & insight.

Why Choose us ?

Choose us because You would be trained to actually handlehigh end instruments at our facility of recognized world famous brands such as

  • HPLC (Varian) & Waters (Manual) , C (Varian 3900) U.V(Shimadzu . UV probe ver 2.52), I.R Perkin Elmer, FTIR NICOLET IS5 with Diamond ATR ( Omnic Lite software) ,Dissolution Machine Electrolab, Tablet Friabilator & Tablet Disnitegretion Tester (Chemin), Tablet Hardness Tester. ,Melting Point/Boiling Point. Karlfischer Autotitrators,
  • Muffle Furnace Potentiometric Autotitrator Flash Point (Sunvic U.K), Centrifuge Machine Polarimeter & Refractometer(Rajdhani) pH Meter. Hot Air Oven. Vacuum Oven. Distillation Unit. Kjeldahl Estimation assembly.
  • You would gain training as per cGLP norms of
  • GDP , Logbook keeping and maintaining , preventive maintenance , Troubleshoot and how to analyse the root cause as per WHO andSo when you walk out of CCTL you are a thorough professional candidate ready to be hired by biggest name out




Looking for a reliable & stable partner?

Quality Policy

To provide high quality and timely analysis of  soil, water, perfumery, feed, fertilizers, chemicals, polymers etc & other samples and to consistently meet the requirements and the expectations of our Clients. The policy is achieved through:

By providing adequate professional and material resources for the conduction of inter laboratory comparisons all in accordance with the rules of good laboratory practice; establishing, maintaining and continuously improving the management system·

a. Management and staff commitment to provide high quality test results and excellent professional service to our clients.

  • Tests are performed in accordance with the stated method, laboratory policies and procedure and the client requirement. Any exception that may jeopardize the validity of the test is communicated to the client.
  • A quality system based on the concept of ISO 17025 & ISO 9001 is utilized. The ISO standards are adapted to the extent feasible and significant given to our clients’ requirement.
  • The Effectiveness of the management system is continually improved as per new data and standards/ laws implemented.

b .Our standards of service:

  • Client satisfaction at 100% level.
  • Turn-around Time commitments are achieved with proper management of time and source.

c.The Quality Control Program: A rigorous Quality Control Program is in place to monitor the quality of the test result. This program includes.

  • Analysis and evaluation of the internal quality control sample with every batch. (These samples include blank, duplicate samples, standard reference materials and spiked samples.)
  • A blind duplicate program.
  • We shall establish regular and quality communication and relations with all interested parties to mutual satisfaction. In doing so, we shall follow and consider expectation and requests of users of ILC PT schemes in further development. This Quality Policy has been adopted at management review and is obligatory for all laboratory personnel

d. Personnel: Laboratory Personnel are familiar with the quality policy and implement it in the workplace. They are provided with the knowledge, training and tool which are necessary to perform laboratory operation and testing with safety and efficacy.

We declare that our personnel are aware of the scope and limits of their responsibilities, policies and quality objectives and the quality system documents relevant to their field of work.

Our Location


2nd, floor B-3 Matruchaya Bldg, Tarapur Rd, Near CIDCO Colony Boisar, Tal& District – Palghar – 401506, Maharashtra, India.
(02525) 278324/25



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